Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Pink Box. . . . . . . . . . . .

Good morning dear blogging chums. Hope this finds you as fit as a butchers dog (apologies vegetarians).

Still seem to be ticking along nicely but I don't count them chickens any more as they can be pesky little cluckers!!!

Had a lovely day on Sunday with Nursey Harrop. I'm sure that Christine won't mind me mentioning, now that she has told folk on her blog, that her dear Sister passed away a couple of weeks ago, just 10 days after being diagnosed with cancer.
Another blog friend had also lost her brother a couple of weeks ago too, so its been sad times.
I had hoped that Christine would be up to meeting at the Motorcycle Museum craft show and thankfully she was, armed with some non Geisha factor 50. . . . . .thank you.

John was also demoing at the show, so we kept popping by to heckle him lol!!!

As Myra wanted me to confess all, there is a photo below of my purchases.

Now, as I said on the last post, I had made a box for Nesta's Auntie's card as I would never have got it in an envelope without more squashing than the mammogram lol!!!
I made this some time ago and hadn't snapped it stage by stage but I'm happy to do a tutorial if anyone is interested. 

It takes one full sheet of A3 sized card as the card inside was 8x8. The flap could be edged with any die but I used the SW Ara Gemini die.
I hadn't got any of that velcro thingy or I would have used that as a fastener so instead I taped some ribbon to the back and tied it at the front.

Hoping to get over to Breedon today to see John's workshop ladies and also, there is a lovely pie shop/cafe on site and there is a piece of quiche with my name on it . Mrs J, I shall be equipped with the triple stamping card, carnation and clock.

Kate, haven't really named "The Girls" although I quite fancy Cagney and Lacey or Thelma and Louise.
Donna, it would take more than a hat to make me look stylish. I put the shabby into shabby chic lol!!!
Maureen, I will happily make you a 70th birthday card; I take it that its somewhat belated? Hahaha!!! Just you stop plotting with Bonnie Fletcher and Yorkie Clyde. As Mel Braveheart would say "You may take away my life, but you'll never take my wisteria!!!"

Anyhoo, snap below of said craft purchases. Not too bad or indulgent, methinks.

The card packs are 50x300gsm purple and 50x300gsm white at £2.00 per pack. . . . . .Bargain!
The cream pack is 8x8 cards and envelopes.

Enjoy the rest of the week and see you soon . . . . . . . . British GP this weekend so guess what I'm doing (sadly from my armchair rather than actually there this time).

Ang x


  1. Morning Ang, my condolences to Christine and your other Blog friend. However your blog post this morning, still had me giggling, you come up with some very funny remarks. Glad to hear you are feeling well. Great purchases, what's the bet you come away with more today. Have a great day and take care all. Bx

  2. Ooops, forgot to say I love the box, and personally would love to see a tutorial, especially as it is for 8x8 cards, which I do enjoy making. Bx

  3. A great box Ang. I would love to see a tutorial please.
    My thoughts are with those who have lost love one's.
    Love your purchases the card was a great bargain xxx

  4. Morning Ang,
    Love your box.

  5. Wow! Ang love your box and yes a tutorial would be welcome .
    Great goody bargains there mate, i am right proud of you as i love a bargain i do.
    Sending hugs to all who need one .
    Elaine H X

  6. Beautiful box for the card Ang. I love visiting your blog you are funny. xxx

  7. Hi Mrs D, Just love the box and like everyone else would love a tutorial on it as 8x8 cards can be a bit tricky to find envelopes for if there is a bit of depth to them.Glad you are feeling a little better,but sorry about your friends sad news. Keep well Love Barbara D xx

  8. Hi Ang, it seems to be that time of year when sad news is in abundance. I've heard of 3 deaths in one week !! Not personal to me, but of friends. Maybe the hot weather has been too much for some. Moving on to nicer things...great box !! Janice x

  9. My heartfelt sympathies to all. Beautiful box, and yes please do a tutorial for the box. Now if I can find paper/card stock in the USA big enough to make it. So pleased you have more energy and less stress and that you are able to get out more now. I pray good times continue for you.

  10. Hello Ang,
    I really love your box and I too would love to know how you made it! It looks really elegant.
    Sorry to hear about your friends losing a sibling! Nice to be able to meet up with a good friend though.
    I can't believe I was so rude !! Lovely to see your purchases though and you got some good bargains! Have a good day and enjoy your quiche!
    Thanks for making me smile!
    Love Myra x

  11. Hi Ang, I would go with Cagney and Lacey, Thelma and Louise came to a sticky end.
    Anyway a super box for that stunning card.
    Lovely new bits and pieces, will look forward to seeing your new creations, Kate x

  12. Hello Ang,
    Please pass on my heartfelt condolences to your friends.
    Of course we'd love a tutorial on your box. Your bore us oops, sorry, you show us "how to" and it saves us time and card, not to mention frayed nerves ha ha.
    I could have told you Myra was nosy, me now I'd never ask a nice lady to show what she'd bought! I really like the "Love is what's in the room" stamp.
    Ooh, if you'd made me a 70th card, I'd keep it somewhere safe until I needed it ha ha ha ha.
    Glad you are ticking along nicely. You could name your girls Pinky and Perky because I'm sure that's what they are, I call mine knee warmers!!!!!
    Wisteria, what wisteria? (I've got the balaclava and the black face paint, just need the grappling hooks).
    love Maureen x

  13. Fabulous box, don't know why but that sounds very wrong in my head! Glad to hear that you're bearing up. I heard on the news yesterday that they're going to stop the GP in England as they make a £4m loss each time! Not good x

  14. Lovely box Ang. Thank you for sharing.

  15. Lovely box and fab purchases too. Lots of fun in the offing with your haul of goodies!

  16. What a great box, Ang. A tutorial would be very useful.
    Glad to hear that you are now getting out and about now - say hello to John for me. Have a good day.

    Anne (Northampton)

  17. Good morning Ang back home now after a trying few days and thanks for your kind messages and thoughts. Couldn't persuade mum to come back though. The card you made for Nesta is absolutely beautiful, you are definitely a wiz with flowers whether natural or made with paper and card. Having the box makes it so much more special as well. Well we have practices tomorrow and Saturday as well as quali and the race on Sunday so I'd best get some shopping done this afternoon as I won't want to be bothering going over the weekend!! Enjoy the race, Valteri and Daniel again?? love from Jackie xx

  18. PS meant to say - the new foliage dies look nice. Glad you had a good trip out

  19. A tutorial would be great please.
    Enjoy the GP. Tennis for me.
    Sorry I'm late replying to your blog - was with my family as it was my birthday. Two little granddaughters = no time to look at blogs!


  20. Hi Ang, a fabulous box for such a beautiful card.
    Great to hear that you are still feeling good (long may it continue), but sorry to hear of your friends sad news.
    Love your purchases and look forward to seeing what you create with them. Hope you managed to meet up with John and enjoyed your day.
    Enjoy the GP.

  21. Stunning box and yes I'd like to see a tutorial I hope you managed to see John and enjoy the GP tomorrow

  22. Hi Ang
    I have just popped over from John's blog to be nosy. Love your box & yes I would love a tutorial for your gorgeous box please. Will definitely pop back & see some more of your beautiful cards.
    Hug's Lynda xx

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