Sunday, 2 July 2017

Happy Birthday Darnell. . . . . . . . . .

Good morning everyone. Hope all is well with you?

Before I forget, the lady who asked about the embossing folder on my MAWTT card, its called Lattice and is an Embossilicious one. 

What a mixed bag of weather. I had to give in on Thursday evening and have the heating on ......... nearly July (as it was) and heating on!!! I nearly had to get the smelling salts out but I was colder than a penguin's chuff so what can you do.
Thank goodness it was better yesterday as we (well, Mr D in the main) had a tonne of blue slate to spread over the front garden. We do have pea shingle down but the local feline population have taken to using it like a giant litter tray so we decided to give them something a little less inviting to walk on. I did say to Jackie D that it was either slate or a Rottweiler on a long chain but I decided the Rottweiler poop would probably be bigger and more abundant than the cat plop!!!  

Now, today is bloggy chum Darnell's (djkardkreations) birthday. I had the pleasure of meeting Darnell last Summer and this very funny lady is also very lovely.
Those who are familiar with Darnell know that she loves hummingbirds as she is lucky enough to live where they live.
As luck would have it, the Peacock kit that the lovely Jenny sent me also had a hummingbird topper on so what better way to use it than a card for Darnell. I know its safe to show as she has received the card and she's about 8 hours behind the UK.

White and aqua card
Hunkydory hummingbird topper
SB Reflective Moment die (cut in aqua and the white as a shadow))
Presscut rectangle dies
Lots of pearlage

A small card for me but the topper fitted nicely. There was also a blue tit in the set that I have made another card with.
Talking of blue tits, the mammogram wasn't as bad as I was expecting. I had prepared myself by using Andrea's technique (see last blog post), which drew some strange glances from Mr D as he tried to retrieve the milk for his cup of tea. 
I do have more than a handful in that department so don't know if that helped cushion the clamping but compared to some things I've had done in the last 12 months, it was a breeze.

Sadly, the Cardiology appointment didn't go as well as I'd hoped. The consultant thinks I still need to have a Catheter Ablation for Pulmonary Vein Isolation as he feels that the A/Fib will return if he takes me off the tablets. If I were 20/25 years older, he would leave me on the tablets as by the time the nasty side effects kicked in, I would be at an age where they wouldn't matter.
I was put on the waiting list for this procedure back in January in case I needed it, so it could be in the next couple of months that its done . . . . . . eeeeeek!!!
Scared witless but no choice really but on the upside, he thinks the not so good days I've had are down to the anaemia so once the iron tablets have fully kicked in, he thinks I will feel better.

Ah well, that's the way it goes so onwards and upwards. Ohhh, and the lovely Mr D happened to mention to him that I snored so I'm being sent for sleep testing now as well ............... remind me not to take him to any future appointments lol!!!

Hope you all have a lovely Sunday. Davey (the hairy Judith Chalmers) will be on his way up the Fjords (on a cruise rather than anything rude lol!!!).

Ang x 

Ps.......Barbara, that's very kind of you (is it Martine's workshop you're going to?). John and I live about 15 miles apart so meet up regularly. I know John has made pate and likes black pudding so I think he eats pate too but I wouldn't want to put you to any trouble or expense.


  1. Good morning Ang I hope you are relaxing today after yesterday's exertions. I'm sure the garden looks wonderful now with the date down. What a pretty card you have made. I don't know this die set but it makes a lovely frame as well as a card "blank" love from Jackie xx

  2. Hi Ang
    What a very pretty card loving the frame ,the pearls set it off a treat.
    Big hugs to all who need one
    Take care
    Elaine H X

  3. Glad the tips came in handy and that the procedure wasnt as bad as you thought! Wishing you well with all your other treatment too. What a lovely card for Darnell, I have seen some others that she has been sent, her card shelf will be better than an art gallery thats for sure.

  4. A gorgeous card and that's a lovely die set which I haven't seen before Glad the mammogram wasn't as bad as you thought A bit disappointing news from Cardio which is a shame

  5. Lovely card today Ang, the colours are pretty too.
    Hope you keep getting better, not too many downs!
    Love Nancy xx

  6. Hi Ang,
    Pretty card.
    Poor you its one thing after another for you at the moment.

  7. Hi Ang, lovely card that I am sure Darnell will love.
    Sorry things did not go as planned on Friday but pleased that Saturday's Mammogram was not as bad as you imagined. You leave me with a picture of Mr. D. trying to obtain milk for his tea, not sure where to go from that!!

  8. Lovely birthday card with the sweet hummingbird. I am fond of most birds and enjoy watching and feeding them. I am glad you are on the list for the heart procedure. I know you will be fine. Life should be better for you after the proceduce. Prayers continue your way.

  9. Beautiful card Ang!
    sandy xx

  10. Hi Ang,
    so glad the mamogram didn't hurt.
    oh you poor thing to have to wait and worry yourself about that op.
    Still good news that you are already on the list.

    Your card for Darnell is excellent and such a very pretty filigree design.
    Love the colour choice also.
    You have done wonders with that image.
    I bet Darnell loved it.
    Lots of crafty love and big hugs. Jenny L.

  11. Hi Mrs D, I will be seeing John at Inspirations in Preston 20/21st July it is no trouble and I would be happy to do it. I will email John and ask if he would be able to deliver it to you after that week-end.I could never make enough of it for the pub,so I would like you to try it,and of course Mr D at least his teeth would survive !!! Speak soon,try and keep well Love Barbara D xx

  12. How lovely that you could find a humming bird for this card. Had to smile at your gravel/cat/rottweiler story - hope the slate does the trick.

  13. Hi Ang, sorry to hear you're still having heart problems....the description of what you've got was enough to give me palpatations (excuse spelling), but I hope they can do something for you soon. Beautiful image, on a pretty frame. Janice xx

  14. What a lovely card, Any.
    Sorry to hear things didn't go as you hoped on Friday.
    Look after yourself.

    Anne (Northampton)

  15. Hi there Ang, absolutely gorgeous card, it's such a beautiful topper and the die framing it is so pretty.
    Good to hear that the mammogram wasn't too bad, told ya, Kate x

  16. Hello Ang,
    A beautiful card ! I do like the Frame - it looks just like a picture frame. I'm sure your friend loved it!
    Sorry you are facing another surgical procedure but I really hope this will make a big difference to your everyday life!
    Love Myra x

  17. Beautiful card Ang. Glad the Mammogram wasn't as bad as you were expecting. Sorry to hear you have to have the surgical procedure and hope it goes well when you have it.

  18. Hello Ang,
    Love the card, this die makes such a lovely "frame" for this type f card.
    I'm pleased that the mammogram wasn't too bad, but sorry to read that you are having more work done on the old ticker. Hopefully this will do the trick and make a big difference to your life.
    love Maureen xx

  19. Your card is very lovely - suitable for framing.
    Thank you for the wonderful photos and details as i hope to make one soon as soon as I buy the frame die.

    Have said extra prayers and be well.

    Happy thoughts,

  20. Hi Ang, what a beautiful card, love the frame die cut. Glad to hear that the mammogram was not bad, but sorry to hear about the other issues. I hope they do improve. take care lovely lady. Bx

  21. Having trouble leaving comments at the end of the day, so I hope this time it works, Ang! As you know from my email, I truly adore this card which is soooo much more stunning in person than on the monitor! This work of art will be treasured always and I thank you again!

    I'm so glad that you didn't find getting your boobs squished as bad as people said. I can't say it gets even less painful at my age because it hurts like hell when I step on them as I take my bra off!

    I gotta give it to you and your doctors to have tried and tried some more to get you into rhythm without the ablation. I'm sorry it didn't work, but now we can move on and get the damn thing done, have it work, and have you back to the pink of health where you belong! Let's DO this thing! Hopefully, you won't have to wait too long which only works the nerves to a frazzle. Big hugs, pet, and lots of prayers! Thank you again for making my special day even more special!! Love, Darnell

  22. Wow, this is just stunning! I just love that frame, so fancy and delicate! The image is stunning, you can't go wrong with bird images!! Love all the added pearls, a really elegant design Ang!

    So glad to hear your mammogram wasn't that bad. I've been through some stuff, but the mammogram is always one thing I dread so entirely! Sending wishes that all goes well and the procedure is successful so you can get back to the business of being healthy! hugs :)

  23. Wow, this is a stunning card, the frame die is gorgeous. Sorry to hear that you need to have a procedure done, sending lots of vibes for a short waiting list and a successful outcome xxx

  24. Lovely card. Sorry things didn't go so well at the clinic but maybe the procedure will be worth it. Let's hope so.

  25. Stunning card and love the die frame. Just gorgeous.
    BTW Baby oil was used to blend the pencils with...xx [aNNie]

  26. What a beauty this card is. Lucky Darnell to have had it made for her. That Andrea certainly has a way with words!! All I can say is Yep and ouch!!! Hugs Mrs A.

  27. So tweet, love it. Fascinating little birds, I saw them when I was on my travels in California, amazing.
    Chin and everything else up. xxxx

  28. Hi Ang

    I love this card and such beautiful colours. The frame is a WOW for me

    You've got the mammogram over, pleased it wasn't as bad as you expected and sorry that you have to undergo another procedure

    Keep your pecker up, until next time

    June x